Collaboration: Working with Someone to Produce or Create

Collaboration is the way I like to work. Brainstorming, sketching, sharing ideas and knowledge with other professionals is an excellent way to keep up with the industry and create the best products. I know there are studies that say it is not always the most efficient way to work, but I think it is all about how you manage it. The designer has to function as an anchor, taking into account the many inputs from the people he or she is working with, weighing what works against what will not in the final version, and relaying his or her thought process to collaborators. There are, of course, always some companies that make it easier than others to accomplish such a feat, but when successful the result is unparalleled.

Let’s dive into a great story about collaboration. About two years ago, I received a call
asking me to design a fifty six foot production yacht. I immediately jumped to the
drawing table and started brainstorming some concepts. After receiving some feedback, I
was told to push the envelope further on certain components and a sharing of
revolutionary ideas began . At this stage, long discussions, idea sharing, and a good deal
of note taking allowed me to select several focus points for the craft and continue to
develop them.
I now had a grasp of what my partners were looking for and began to execute the vision
developed from their input. The 56′ we started with became a 58′ and eventually 59′, as
often happens. We exchanged ideas back and forth regularly and the sport yacht
continued to come to life. Communication continued between my firm and the client and,
after almost two years of working closely together, the craft is on target to hit the water
this summer with much anticipation. Our collaboration has produced something we are all
proud to have had a part in.
Working in this manner with manufacturers and shipyards functions to exchange
creativity, knowledge and ideas that lead to an impeccable final product. The process is
not only something really satisfying, but ensures success. In current times, with a more
discerning clientele and more complex designs, embracing this type of work is necessary
to succeed.

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